‘SEEING the UNSEEN’ is my first Soul Book.  Adversity has been my university.  God has used thirty years of Rheumatoid Arthritis suffering to make me into who I am today. The experience has taught me a lot about myself and about God.  It has not been wasted. The comfort we receive from God is intended to be passed on.  This book is my opportunity to do just that. My prayer is that you would benefit from my pain and suffering and that you would be drawn into a closer relationship with God as a result of reading the book.

In the book you will learn how I came into a personal relationship with God and how He opened my ‘spiritual eyes.’  The Christian life is no bed of roses (I have learnt to thank God for the thorns!) and I share many of my battles between the flesh and the spirit.  For many years I struggled to let go of my ‘old’ life and embrace the ‘new’ life that God wanted to give me.  Jesus is wholly man and wholly God and consequently He is qualified to identify with every trial and suffering that we may face in this life.  He has proved Himself to be my back-coverbest friend. You will be inspired by the evidence of a God who reveals Himself supernaturally. The grief of barrenness, dangerous life-threatening situations and the disappointment, pain and frustrations of repeated surgeries have revealed God’s love and character to me.  He wants to do the same in your life.  The One who knows you the best, truly loves you the most!

‘SEEING the UNSEEN’ is a true-life story of a 20 year old faced with life-changing pain and the reality of a Living God who met her in her time of need.  The book covers three decades of her life.  You will be inspired, challenged and encouraged.  May you find a blessing on every page.


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