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Monday, 03 December 2012 07:23

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This is a subject that is close to my heart.  Those of us who struggle daily with tiredness will identify with this message. My question to you today is: "Do you live in dread of some of the things you have to do?" If so, I have a word of encouragement for you.

A few years ago I was listening to Joyce Meyer, an excellent Bible teacher, and she said emphatically, "DON'T DREAD ANYTHING!" I have forgotten the rest of her message, but I have never forgotten those three words. As I meditated on what she said I realised that 'dread' was very real in my life.  Every day I would get up and whatever was the biggest 'chore of the day' would loom over me like a giant.  This was mainly due to my constant struggle with tiredness.  No matter how much sleep I have had the night before, it is very common for me to wake up tired.

When God brings an issue to your attention He will always show you the solution to your problem. Once I was aware that I was constantly living 'in dread of something or other', I looked to the Lord for wisdom.  The solution is simple, but the secret is in the doing!  When I have something to do that I know will require lots of energy I have learnt to prioritise it as the FIRST item on my 'To do list'. I wake up, get up, get ready - and do it! I use my first energy of the day to accomplish the task.  I have learnt to schedule appointments early in the day, so if I run out of energy by the afternoon it no longer matters.  And best of all - I have nothing to dread!!!  The bad habit of dread will use up all your mental energy.  I have concluded that it is a DREADFUL HABIT(excuse the pun!) - one we all need to break.

I encourage you today to banish dread from your life.  Make the necessary adjustments and begin conserving your mental energy for more important issues.

God bless, Libby


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