Whoever you are and wherever you are on this beautiful ball we call ‘Earth' I want to connect with you and let you know that you matter to God and to me.

There is a war raging in the unseen realm for your soul - a war between the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness, between good and evil, between truth and error and between life and death.

In Luke 10:29 a lawyer asked Jesus, "And who is my neighbour?" In response, Jesus tells of a priest and a Levite, who seeing a man robbed and injured by thieves and left to die on the side of a road, passed him by. In contrast, a Samaritan, showed compassion and not only stopped to help him but took him to an inn to be cared for. A neighbour, according to Jesus, is one who shows mercy on those in need and does not pass them by.

More than a decade ago God inspired me to write ‘Dear Neighbour' letters. My prayer is that my words will bring hope and healing to all but especially to those who find themselves in spiritual need alongside the road of life. God has been so good to me and it is my privilege to direct your thoughts to Jesus, the lover of your soul.

You are my neighbour and I will not pass you by.




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Walking & Talking with God
Friday, 21 November 2014 05:56

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Dear Neighbour,

Recently a sincere Hindu lady remarked, “I pray every day to God; but I don’t know who He is”. How tragic to speak to someone on a daily basis and years later still not know what He is like or even who He is. The Christian God is different...

Life in the 21st Century
Thursday, 02 October 2014 05:30

bible as a compass

Dear Neighbour,

From generation to generation there are enormous changes taking place before our eyes. I received an email recently that highlighted some of the changes we have seen this century.

The 21st century is the “LESS” Century:

*Our Phones ~ Wireless; *Cooking ~ Fireless; *Cars ~ Keyless; *Food ~ Fatless; *Tyres ~ Tubeless; *Youth ~ Jobless; *Leaders ~ Shameless; *Relationships ~ Meaningless; *Attitude~ Careless; *Babies ~ Fatherless; *Feelings ~ Heartless; *Children ~ Mannerless; *Politicians ~ Gutless; Everything is becoming LESS, but still our hopes are ~ Endless. All this, quite frankly, leaves me ~ SPEECHLESS!!

I would like to add one more ‘less’ to the list: *Society ~ GODLESS...

Never too old to change!
Friday, 04 July 2014 05:45

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Dear Neighbour,

Not only are we never too old to learn, but we are never too old to change! The goal of the Christian life is not to accumulate a lot of head knowledge about the Bible, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, but to allow what we hear and learn to transform us from the inside out. Studying in my fifties has been quite a challenge, but it has also brought many surprises. I have changed...

Check Your Blood Pressure
Wednesday, 27 August 2014 06:26

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Dear Neighbour,

Recently I went to my doctor for routine blood tests and was shocked to discover that I had dangerously high blood pressure – 190/120 (read as “190 over 120”). On all previous checks my blood pressure had been normal and what was so frightening was that I had NO SYMPTOMS. Over the same period I became aware of three people who had also been diagnosed with high blood pressure, one person unfortunately having a stroke and the other a brain aneurysm...

Your Best Friend
Wednesday, 04 June 2014 05:57

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Dear Neighbour,

Years ago my mother-in-law said some wise words to me: “In life you will have many acquaintances and few friends”. Recently I was reminded of her words as I went through a time of loneliness. The pace of modern living, despite having many appliances and conveniences, results in inward-looking lifestyles and leaves very little time for friendship. We all need someone to share the highs and lows and in-between times of our lives. I feel sure that God gave us faithful dogs to comfort us during these times. It was during such a week when I was overworked, stressed and felt very alone in the world that my focus shifted to my need for friendship and a revelation of my Best Friend…

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